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Budget debate: Flexi-MediSave rules to be eased to allow seniors to withdraw up to $300 for outpatient treatment

From 1 Jun 2021, Singaporeans aged 60 years old and above can withdraw $100 more from their medisave account for outpatient expenses at polyclinics, specialist outpatient clinics and GP clinics. Do let us know if you wish to tap on your flexi medisave balance during your visits at our Clinic 🙂

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MediSave Withdrawal Limits

Starting from this year, Medisave withdrawal limits has been increased to $700 (per patient per year) for patients with: 1. at least 2 chronic conditions, or 2. 1 chronic condition with complications. Patients with 1 chronic condition can use up to $500 per person per year, $200 lower than the abovementioned group. To illustrate,

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