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1st Zika virus reported in Singapore today

By |May 13th, 2016|

1st Zika virus reported in Singapore today. Consult a doctor if you have slight fever, rash, conjuctivitis, headache as well as joint and muscle pain and have travelled to Zika-affected countries.

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High Carbohydrate Content in White Rice

By |May 7th, 2016|

Do you know that one bowl of white rice contains two times the carbohydrate content of a can of sweetened drink?

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The Fight Against Diabetes: A Nationwide Effort

By |April 13th, 2016|

Diabetes have become a growing problem in Singapore., with nearly 1 million person expected to be diabetic come 2050.…/new-taskforce…/2691422.html

Join in the nationwide effort against Diabetes! Eat Right, Exercise More and go for regular health screening!

Dengue cases on unusual year-end high

By |December 21st, 2015|

Dengue cases have hit an unusual year-end high, with 4 cases near our Yishun Riverwalk neighbourhood.

Prevention is better than cure.

Minimise your chance of contracting dengue fever by applying insect repellent and eradicating mosquito breeding sites. More prevention tips can be found at


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178 children being called up for TB tests

By |December 4th, 2015|

If ur child has been warded in NUH ward 47 since July this year, he/she may be called up for tuberculosis tests.

Get to know how tuberculosis can be spread in the article below.

All About Flu Seasons

By |October 31st, 2015|

Do you know that there are two peak flu seasons in Singapore? Get to know more about them!

Hepatitis C outbreak

By |October 7th, 2015|

If you have been admitted to SGH Wards 64A and 67 from January to June this year, you may be contacted for Hepatitis C screening.

Know more about Hepatitis C in the article below.

22 patients infected in SGH Hepatitis C outbreak; 4 have died