Free Pap Smear Screening at Heartland Family Clinic from 6 – 31 Jul 2015!

This free service is provided as part of the Women’s Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Campaign by Singapore Cancer Society to:

– All female Singaporeans and Permanent Residents;

– Aged 25 and above who have ever had sex and/or are sexually active.

Do wear a two-piece outfit for your screening.

When is a good day for the screening?

– if you are non-menstruating or do not have menses over the past 2 weeks.

– if you have not engaged in sexual intercourse 48 hours before the screening test.

– if you have not used spermicides, vaginal medications, vaginal creams, lubricant jellies, or tampons 48 hours before the screening test.

You may visit the Singapore Cancer Society’s website for more information.